The Drink

by Cryptic

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Recorded by Clint Hoekstra @ Clint's Haus in Edmonton, Canada
Mixed by Jon Pord
Mastered by Matt McKeen
2016 Bum League Records


released October 2, 2015

Travis Matchett - Vocals
Claire Hoekstra - Guitars, Piano, Vocals
Matthew Von Saldern - Bass
Landon Reason - Accordion
Jon Pord - Percussion
Keeleigh Julien - vocals on "Fate"
Fred Mack - Saxophone on "Always"




Cryptic Edmonton, Alberta

Cryptic are a three.....wait, now we're a 6 piece band from the double winter necropolis of Edmonton.
We play swing-rye-punk-puke-math-core garbage.

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Track Name: Fate...
Awful things are about to happen. You’ll make it through though; I see a gap in that wall you can hide in when it all goes down. Now let’s see a smile not a sore ugly frown. You confused them for someone who knew what to do when it should’ve been you. Oh, why wasn’t it you? You believed every word and destroyed every tool you had left to compete with them. Fall back in line. They don’t have the time for your petty dissent. Oh, it all should’ve went a lot smoother than this and it would’ve, you know. But the ignorance grew and continues to grow into every place it should never have been. Now you’re so full of hate; you’re so full of chagrin. Burn down their steeples and kill all their men. It will add up to nothing unless you pretend to believe they’re dead right when you know it’s dead wrong. No, you can’t build an army with one fucking song. FATE WILL ALWAYS KILL It was never even once just the words they were saying. It was how they all said it and got you to start paying for all that they want and they did it with ease. Did you think that they’d ask - that they’d really say please? They were out to destroy you from the very first day. They had hoped you were willing to throw it away for the snake oil they said would relieve you of guilt but it tore down the kingdom you thought you had built. YOU SHOULD’VE TAKEN THE STAIRS.
Track Name: Will..
Intelligence is packing up its shit. Heading out as nonsense spreads. Competence packed up an left. It's lack of a presence stings. If you can get out of here alive I surely suggest you try or stand back and watch it burn. Don’t let it slip from the sweaty shaking grip. Shut your eyes and look within. Never forgive yourself. Never forgive yourself my friend. Don’t root, don't grow. Watch the sun sink below the frozen snow. But you're just as cold. You’re just as cold. You’re just as cold. Lust for purpose. Love not yourself. Shatter selfishness. Give all you have away. Distance your thoughts. Your head is all full of things that keep you grounded to this place. Wipe your tears from your face. If your life has been displaced It's time to re arrange before it's too late. Take the reigns. Ascend.
Track Name: Always...
Rolling tapes. Film the filth. Sell your self for dollar bills. Not your fault. Daddy’s mess. Letting go of yourself. So all you have is nothing and you're reaching out for something in the darkness wavering your body to the music you play inside your head. That’s what it's like when we're dead. The notes that keep on ringing, lasting to the very second. Last second. Last second. Last second. Second. The seconds erase. Our minds decay. The moment has passed, drifted away. Oh yes. Welcome to your death bed. All arrangements have been taken care of. You can finally rest in peace. You can finally sleep.
Track Name: ....Kill
"Hark the herald angels sing"
A communion of righteous fucks chime along to a played out chorus of false hopes and dreams where the fear keeps you here on your knees as you pray to your king
Your ascension devolves as you so deserve Your a masterless herd
Hooked worm.
Shark bait.
Chum bucket.